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What do you find here?

On this website you find information about some computer projects I did: hobby projects, just for fun. GNU/Linux is the operating system I use on my computers, so these projects are all about GNU/Linux. I share this information in the hope it will be useful to other GNU/Linux users, who want to do similar projects.

The projects

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  • Media PC - one device and one remote for all media
  • Multi-room audio player - music in every room with MPD and Snapcast
  • NAS - network attached storage using a thin client and a USB hard drive
  • MIDI controller - control (almost) anything using a MIDI controller
  • Srsync - a script using rsync, for synchronization and making backups


GNU/Linux inspires me because it is free software. My former operating system (Microsoft Windows) always gave me the feeling the software company was in control. With GNU/Linux I am free (and feel free!) to do with my computers whatever I want.

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Moeite met de Engelse taal? Maar wel ge´nteresseerd in GNU/Linux? Ga dan naar mijn Nederlandstalige GNU/Linux site. Daar vind je algemene informatie over GNU/Linux.

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